Review Methodology and Measures

QOPI® includes a set of quality measures, a specified chart selection strategy, a secure system for data entry, automated data analysis and reporting, and a network of resources for improvement.

Twice per year, staff at participating practices conduct a retrospective review of patient charts. Practicing oncologists and quality experts developed the QOPI quality measures, which are:

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QOPI practices submit limited data via a secure web-based application. This secure application prompts abstractors through the chart abstraction process.

Following every data collection period, reports that compare practice results to aggregate QOPI results are available within the QOPI web-based application for each participating practice. Practice-specific data are kept strictly confidential. The system reporting interface allows participants to generate reports in various formats based on the measures completed and levels of data entered into the system.

Documentation and Training

Prior to data collection, QOPI participants receive a manual that fully describes the chart selection methodology, sample size, measures, and data abstraction instructions. Definitions of the data elements collected are provided in a printable chart abstraction form. Training slides with audio are posted for each round, with versions tailored for returning participants and newcomers. Additionally, several teleconferences are offered for each round to highlight key points for the round, and provide participants an opportunity to ask questions. ASCO staff are available through the QOPI Help Desk to answer questions before, during, and after data entry.

IRB Approval and HIPAA Compliance
QOPI participation does not require IRB approval in most settings. The QOPI process is HIPAA compliant. A Business Associate Agreement has been developed for participating sites and must be agreed to within the QOPI web based application before data entry is permitted.