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ASCO Quality Programs

ASCO recognizes the importance of integrating continuous quality improvement into patient-centered clinical practice, and has collaborated with the world's leading cancer care experts to develop key quality programs:

Latest News and Updates

  • Mark Your Calendars! QOPI Spring 2015 Round now open through May 14th!
  • Missed the latest QOPI Spring 2015 Webinar Trainings? All Training Webinars have been recorded and posted to the QOPI System. For more information visit our webinar page
  • Spring 2015 Materials are Posted in the QOPI System: Log in to review the round materials, such as the Chart Abstraction Form, Chart Selection Criteria, Webinar Training recordings and more.
  • Missed the latest QOPI Certification Program Overview Webinars? Listen in on the recorded webinars by accessing our QOPI Certification Webinars page!
  • Physician Quality Reporting System

    We sincerely regret that ASCO will not be able to report your quality data to fulfill the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS) requirements this fall.  There are a number of CMS-approved registries that do offer oncology PQRS reporting. Please click here for a list. Also, please go to www.asco.org/cmsreporting for detailed guidance on meeting PQRS requirements.


    ASCO is still committed to offering the eQOPI reporting option as soon as possible.  The work you have done to prepare your EMR for the fall round should be put into use when eQOPI becomes available. Please contact qopi@asco.org at 571-483-1660 if you have any additional questions.

    Additional Quality Improvement Projects

    If you have been planning to use fall QOPI reports for other quality improvement projects, ASCO can work with you on exploring alternatives. Please contact moc@asco.org or CME@asco.org for assistance.

    We again sincerely apologize for this unexpected cancellation and any impact to you as a QOPI and/or QOPI Certification participant.  QOPI will be back in the spring of 2015.  We will keep you updated on our progress toward PQRS reporting, eQOPI, and other enhancements. If you have any questions, please contact qopi@asco.org.


    The QOPI Team

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