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ASCO Quality Programs

ASCO recognizes the importance of integrating continuous quality improvement into patient-centered clinical practice, and has collaborated with the world's leading cancer care experts to develop two key quality programs:

Latest News and Updates

  • New Fall Round Start Date! ASCO is in the final stage of the large IT migration needed for the new QOPI System and has moved the start date of the fall round to late October to allow for its completion. Since we have extended the start date, we have also moved the deadline for submission to late December.

    We will post the new round dates and training dates as soon as possible. We will also communicate to registered participants via email.

  • The QOPI system is UNAVAILABLE while we transition to a new platform.  The new platform will be available when the fall round launches.

  • Extended QOPI Certification Application Period. Spring 2014 Applciation Period will be open until October 1st.
  • Latest Webinar Recording is available!

    All webinars will be recorded and posted the following day for those who cannot attend live. View here
  • QOPI is now an approved Registry for PQRS Reporting, with reporting offered in Fall 2014. View the QCDR measures here
  • Read about QOPI participation by members in Greece and Brazil- QOPI participation by international members
  • QOPI Certification application based on Spring 2014 scores is now open. Apply Now!