• CECity's PQRSwizard registry available for 2014 reporting at discounted rate Submission deadline is March 13, 2015. Learn more in our Latest News and Updates.

  • QOPI Certification Application Round is now Open. Apply for QOPI Certification!

  • Access QOPI Certification's latest webinar recordings by visiting our Webinars page.


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ASCO Quality Programs

ASCO recognizes the importance of integrating continuous quality improvement into patient-centered clinical practice, and has collaborated with the world's leading cancer care experts to develop key quality programs:

Latest News and Updates

  • Updated QOPI Program Details Presentation and Registration and Participation Guide Now Available! Find the latest Program Details Presentation on QOPI’s Program Page and the latest Registration and Participation Guide on QOPI’s Registration Page. Questions? Contact the QOPI Help Desk
  • Spring 2015 Materials are Posted in the QOPI System: Log in to review the round materials and get webinar information for training that is scheduled for the week of Feb 23rd
  • Missed the latest QOPI Certification Program Overview Webinars? Listen in on the recorded webinars by accessing our QOPI Certification Webinars page!
  • Mark Your Calendars!



QOPI Spring 2015 Round tentatively set for March 19th - May 14th!

QOPI Spring Training dates (EST) are as follows:

  • Tues. 2/24 @ 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST: Getting started with QOPI (New Participants) 
  • Weds. 2/25 @ 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM EST: Spring 2015 Updates and Highlights (Returning Participants)
  • Fri. 3/6 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST: Fellowship Program Participation Training

Access our public webinars day of on our webinar page. No prior registration needed.

  • PQRS Reporting Available at a Discount Through ASCO and CECity

    ASCO has signed a contract with CECity to provide a substantial discount to eligible professionals (EP) who use CECity’s CMS-approved PQRSwizard registry to fulfill their 2014 reporting requirement.  You can now access the registry at https://asco.pqrswizard.com to begin meeting your reporting requirement before the March 13, 2015, deadline.

    CECity’s PQRSwizard registry includes all PQRS-approved measures and measure groups and will support multi-specialty practice participation. Participation for 2014 will allow you to gain the 0.5% reimbursement increase for reporting and avoid the 2.0% penalty in 2016.  The discounted rate of $199 per EP will be available to EPs who access CECity’s PQRSwizard registry through the ASCO link.

    Additional information can be found at https://asco.pqrswizard.com. Please contact qopi@asco.org if you have any additional questions or the PQRSWizard Support Team for assistance with enrollment and submission. Contact information is available at the PQRSWizard site.

  • NEW! Team-based Quality Improvement Projects in Your Practice – Get Specialized Training from ASCO! Apply for the Quality Training Program by January 15

    ASCO is offering QOPI practices a special reduced program fee – 50% off – to participate in the Quality Training Program. Practice team applications are being accepted for the 2015 program through Thursday, January 15th from www.asco.org/qualitytraining. Don’t let this exceptional opportunity pass by!

    Your oncology care team is dedicated to providing the absolute best quality of care. Your practice works hard to collect data, identify gaps, and develop solutions to address them. Does your practice need more support to achieve improvements in quality cancer care?

    ASCO’s Quality Training Program is its first and only course designed to effectively lead your team through the design, development, and implementation of a successful quality improvement project that aligns with your practice’s top priorities. With in-person training, remote coaching, and opportunities to learn with other practices, your team will have the skills to complete successful quality improvement projects based on information gleaned from your QOPI performance reports and/or the QOPI Certification process  long after the completion of the program.  Learn more at www.asco.org/qualitytraining

  • QOPI Fall 2014 Reporting Round Cancelled.

    Remedy Informatics, Inc., the company providing technology support for QOPI, unexpectedly ceased all business operations on October 21. This not only affected ASCO’s work and your efforts, but also impacted the operations of more than 30 health systems, hospitals, medical societies and companies.

    Since we first learned of this news, ASCO has been exploring every possible avenue to continue with a fall QOPI reporting round. Unfortunately, after exhausting all options, we have been unable to find a solution.  There is no technology company that can support QOPI data collection and reporting over the next two months.  Regrettably, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the fall QOPI round.  We know that many of you rely on QOPI and QOPI Certification for your internal and external reporting needs and we have offered information below to address potential impact of the cancellation.

    ASCO is already working on the spring 2015 QOPI round. We will offer reliable, experienced technology support for QOPI’s current program offerings and the enhanced functionality that will evolve with each reporting round. In the meantime, below is information to help you with immediate next steps.   


    Assistance, Questions and Concerns

    The entire QOPI team is prepared to assist you and address any questions or concerns that you may have, including any impact the cancellation may have with payors. Please contact qopi@asco.org or 571-483-1660 and qopicertification@asco.org or 571-483-1669 with any immediate needs. 

    If your practice needs a letter from ASCO regarding the QOPI situation and your commitment to performance improvement, please contact us and we will prepare an individualized letter for you. 


    QOPI Certification Program

    The QOPI Certification team is prepared to help you meet your Certification timelines and application needs.


    • QOPI Certified Practices planning to participate to maintain QOPI Certification Status:  If you were planning to participate in the fall QOPI round to maintain your Certification status, this requirement is waived for the fall round.


    • QOPI Certified Practices planning to apply for Re-Certification: If you are a QOPI Certified practice and were planning to apply for re-Certification based on your fall QOPI scores, we encourage you to apply as planned.  Your current Certification will be extended through the spring reporting round.  You will be able to have your on-site review first and participate in QOPI in the spring to meet the scoring requirements with no lapse in your Certification.


    • Practices considering applying for QOPI Certification: If you are interested in becoming a QOPI Certified practice, we encourage you to apply.  We are temporarily waiving the QOPI scoring requirement to apply for Certification.  We will work with you to complete the Certification review, including potentially the site visit, before you do your QOPI reporting in the spring of 2015.  We are glad to give you further details about this modified Certification process.

    Please reach out to at qopicertification@asco.org or 571-483-1669 with questions or for more information.


    Physician Quality Reporting System

    We sincerely regret that ASCO will not be able to report your quality data to fulfill the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS) requirements this fall.  There are a number of CMS-approved registries that do offer oncology PQRS reporting. Please click here for a list. Also, please go to www.asco.org/cmsreporting for detailed guidance on meeting PQRS requirements.


    ASCO is still committed to offering the eQOPI reporting option as soon as possible.  The work you have done to prepare your EMR for the fall round should be put into use when eQOPI becomes available. Please contact qopi@asco.org at 571-483-1660 if you have any additional questions.

    Additional Quality Improvement Projects

    If you have been planning to use fall QOPI reports for other quality improvement projects, ASCO can work with you on exploring alternatives. Please contact moc@asco.org or CME@asco.org for assistance.

    We again sincerely apologize for this unexpected cancellation and any impact to you as a QOPI and/or QOPI Certification participant.  QOPI will be back in the spring of 2015.  We will keep you updated on our progress toward PQRS reporting, eQOPI, and other enhancements. If you have any questions, please contact qopi@asco.org.


    The QOPI Team

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